Web and Wellness is less of a project for us but more of a way of life. It’s a mission to find a healthy balance and encourage those around us to start prioritising their wellness first. Our goal was to start slow and small with it, providing some low barrier options for people to start thinking about and getting a little more active. We hope that by hosting and promoting a variety of activities, it would encourage people to pick and choose what they’re interested in and perhaps even kickoff things themselves; inviting others to join in along the way. In the case of being active - even a little effort is honestly better than nothing at all.

Some of the activities that we’ve tried and participated in with the community so far have been great fun.

We love trying out different things

  • Walk and talk evenings (Lake Monger and Kings Park)
  • Rockclimbing after work (Rockface and The Hangout)
  • Web and Wellness Wednesdays (Group training every Wednesday morning at Hyde Park)
  • Yoga (Every Monday evening organised by the awesome Fenders Perth crew)
  • Sunset beach sessions (Trigg Beach)

Most of the sessions are simply posted via a private Facebook group which anyone can post up an activity to invite others along to. We try to keep it pretty casual. We’d love for you all to join in.

Our Wednesday group training sessions are the most consistent session that we host and it would be remiss of me to not mention the epic selfie segment that seems to just get more and more creative with the art direction as the weeks roll by… (see below). Sometimes the selfie adventures become a workout in themselves…

LOLs aside, it's honestly an awesome way to start the day and suitable for all levels of fitness.

Some future things that we want to give a go are Saturday morning beginner bootcamps, healthy lunch prep tips, meditation sessions, reading list parties and more. We’re firstly seeking a show of interest for these things and from there will be looking for volunteers, supporters and sponsors to help some of these activities underway. At the moment, we’re simply limited by time, but would love your help.

The Wellness Part

Wellness is an area that I’m particularly passionate and interested in.

When you work in an industry that never sleeps, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of it all. There have been times when I’ve gotten lost trying to get something to work and look up to find that I’ve been at it for 4 hours without even realising. It’s too easy to do.

Sometimes you just get on a roll and smash out things left, right and centre - no time to stop, it's too good! Sometimes you’re working to a deadline and need every second in front of that screen to get it done. I get it. We’ve all been there.

Our bodies just aren’t designed to be in front of the screen all day long though; physical effects aside, it’s just frankly not good for us as human beings to lost looking into a machine all day long, regardless of how much we might love what we do.

Because, science.

The important thing is that with these constantly-connected lifestyles we lead, we allow ourselves to set aside ample time to look after our bodies and minds. Without those two things in good health, I think its pretty obvious to say that we wouldn’t last too long.

Localhost to me, is not just a meetup event to bring people together to learn about industry related things, it’s also about encouraging each other to grow, improve and gain the skills needed to be our best (and accept that we’re human beings, not robots!). We need the tools to be able to work in this fast-paced industry without burning out.

Let’s strive towards an industry that places value on our collective wellbeing. When we start placing more value towards our mental and physical health, we are giving ourselves permission to prioritise having balanced lifestyles.

Balance being the operative word here.

Thanks for listening!

Until next time,

Credits Photos: Brett Jones