For us at team Brisbane it was really important that the talent and know-how was represented as part of the national localhost events line up. With so much awesome talent and expertise we wanted to make sure that we could help build and support local community.

Here’s the people behind the localhost Brisbane team…

Emma Howchin
Fashion Tech Evangelist, Multiple Startup Founder and Event Manager extraordinaire.

Glen Arrowsmith
CTO, Javascript/Node.js dev, system architect, roboticist, father.

Anthony Duffy
Graphic designer with an eye for design, art and user experience.

And lastly me;

Steven Cooper
CTO of multiple startups, Developer Evangelist, International Speaker/MC/Hackathon Mentor/Judge.

At our first meetup we are excited to hear from Matt Way on building an API with GraphQL and Lambda and Ben Michie who will talk on the importance of UX. We still have seats left but they are filling up fast so make sure you RSVP soon!

If you have a talk or something you would like to share at our meetup then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us via our call for speakers page.