Connecting web, creative & digital communities and unearthing local talent across Australia.

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Connecting web, creative & digital communities and unearthing local talent across Australia.

Localhost is a meetup designed to connect web, creative and digital communities, unearthing local talent across Australia. Localhost was born out of Port80 Perth, a community meetup that ran monthly in Perth for 15 years, and is powered by our passionate team of volunteers.

Launched in 2017, this initiative aims to strengthen the Australian industry through a number of ways and steered by the desire to solve the following questions:

  1. What potential can a generalist meetup like this achieve?
  2. What does the Australian industry actually need?
  3. What can help amplify individual and community growth?
  4. How can we encourage more diversity?
  5. What does it take to be world-class?


Localhost has a unique concept behind it; we definitely didn't want it to be just another meetup clogging up the calendar in our already busy lives! While the local Perth meetups will continue to run on a regular basis, it's Localhost:Deployment which offers something truly different.

Described by our founder, Patima, as a "multi-city, supercharged, touring, meetup roadshow", the deployment will see a speaker representing each city form a touring line-up that will travel together to each location, sharing their knowledge to new audiences, challenging individual comfort zones and gaining XP along the way.

Our first roadshow (“deployment”) will be held in June.

4 speakers. 4 locations. 4 days.

Localhost Deployment goes to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane


Monthly meetup events with an awesome speaker are currently run on the first Wednesday of every month in Perth. The Perth branch also organise a series of other regular community events.

Exciting update! Brisbane will be also launching a branch in May 2017.

Talks will be filmed and published soon after the event/s to enable reflection and continued public consumption, along with further amplifying the visibility and opportunities for the speakers.

The slides are also available for viewing and comments.

Localhost has 2 branches, Perth and Brisbane, and on deployment, visits Perth, Melbourne, Syndey, and Brisbane

Chasing our

We have a lot of work ahead of us with the monthly events and roadshow, but there are also some other great projects in the works. Every project that we're undertaking will be guided by our goals. We're on a mission!

To turn up the volume on the Australian industry's voice.

Providing local speakers opportunities and exposure beyond their local communities, encouraging growth through experience, training and mentorship.

To create more opportunities for Australian designers and developers.

Providing local communities with access to more knowledge and diversity through deliverying a supercharged meetup in multiple destinations across the country.

To bridge distance, encouraging sharing and collaboration.

Improving the quality of the Australian web industry through interstate collaboration and removing barriers to sharing knowledge.


Meet the team and contributors working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you Localhost. We’re a group of regular folk who simply adore the web and love bringing people together.

Patima Tantiprasut


THE GENERAL By day, Patima co-runs Bam Creative, a Perth-based digital agency. In her spare time she’s also a director of @team6Q, co-organiser for @MixinConf, founder and host of @LocalhostAU, an Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) committee member, a newbie speaker, writer, not-so-newbie gin drinker and dog lover.

Patima’s jam is to bring people together to achieve beautiful and meaningful things. Patima has a background in both design and code, and seriously loves to continuously learn and be challenged. Localhost is her passion project and hopes that it'll strengthen the industry and bring communities together.

David Thomas


THE FORTIFIER DT is a developer. Currently at Bam Creative building websites and apps. DT is always up for a challenge and is thrilled to be part of the @LocalhostAU team.

David has a keen interest in gadgets, the internet and all things digital, When he isn’t looking at a screen he’s probably looking at screen.

Corey Ginnivan



Corey is a digital product designer and developer. Since 2015, Corey has been the Lead Product Designer at Appbot, a mobile app review sentiment and analysis tool used by some of the most exciting companies in the world, including Disney, Pinterest and Twitter.

Corey is obsessed with side projects, which even lead him to develop a side project manager… He's worn a collard shirt once (it was white) and he's played inline hockey for Australia.

Teegan Lincoln


THE SNIPER Teegan is an internet enthusiast and front-end developer based in Perth, WA. After work and on her days off, you can find her jamming with her acoustic cover band, practicing spins at the ice rink, or napping.

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